Our Team


BAFEL, the British Academy for English Language, has achieved remarkable success and prominence in the education and training sector in India, thanks to the incredible vision and dedication of its founders, Alka Gupta, Wing Commander Deepak Gupta, and Ayush Gupta. With their vast experience, knowledge, and commitment, they have been the driving force behind the institution’s growth, propelling BAFEL to become one of the most esteemed and respected names in the industry.

Meet Our team

Alka Gupta

A distinguished educationist has dedicated her life to delivering top-quality education and training to students, professionals, and corporations. Her exceptional contributions to the education sector have garnered her numerous awards and recognitions, solidifying her position as an eminent authority in the field. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has laid the groundwork for BAFEL’s success, establishing the institution as a trusted provider of world-class education and training.

Deepak Gupta

Wing Commander Deepak Gupta, a highly respected ex-Indian Air Force officer, contributes his invaluable experience and knowledge to BAFEL’s leadership. With his proficiency in training and leadership, he has been instrumental in crafting and executing BAFEL’s comprehensive training programs. His vital contributions have led to the creation of specialized training for nurses seeking employment in the UK, making BAFEL the ultimate destination for ambitious professionals.

Ayush Gupta

Ayush Gupta, a prodigious talent with an eclectic educational background, has infused his entrepreneurial prowess into the BAFEL team. Under his guidance, BAFEL has broadened its reach and network, offering enticing franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs across India. His strategic vision, innovative mindset, and business acumen have significantly contributed to BAFEL’s triumph, making it a highly lucrative and enduring enterprise

The process of becoming a BAFEL franchisee is transparent and user-friendly. Interested individuals can visit their website and complete the franchise application form. After submitting the form, the BAFEL team will assess the application and engage with the applicant for further discussions. By becoming a BAFEL franchisee, individuals can take advantage of a proven business model, extensive support, and exclusive operating rights in their city or district. Franchisees receive world-class training and support, coupled with the immediate prestige of the BAFEL brand’s distinguished standing in the education and training sector.

The remarkable team behind BAFEL has positioned the institution as a leader in India’s education and training industry. Their expertise, dedication, and leadership have ensured that BAFEL consistently expands its network throughout India, delivering exceptional education and training to a multitude of students, professionals, and corporations. Joining the BAFEL franchise enables individuals to be a part of this extraordinary success story and contribute to making high-quality education and training accessible to all. By partnering with BAFEL, individuals can create a lasting impact on their community while building a thriving and sustainable business.

The success of BAFEL is not only attributed to its visionary founders, Alka Gupta, Wing Commander Deepak Gupta, and Ayush Gupta, but also to the dedicated and talented team that supports and drives the institution's growth. While it is not possible to list every member of the team, some key roles within BAFEL that contribute to its success include:


Academic and Training Staff: BAFEL’s expert educators and trainers, who come from diverse backgrounds and possess extensive experience in their respective fields, provide high-quality education and training to students and professionals. Their commitment to excellence ensures that BAFEL maintains its reputation as a premier institution.


Marketing and Sales Team: This group is responsible for promoting BAFEL’s programs and services, creating awareness, and attracting new students, professionals, and franchisees. Their efforts help expand BAFEL’s reach and presence in the education and training sector in India.


Operations and Administration: The operations and administrative staff ensure the smooth running of BAFEL centers, managing day-to-day tasks, and providing support to students, trainers, and franchisees. Their efficiency and attention to detail contribute significantly to the overall success of the institution.


Franchise Support Team: This team offers comprehensive support to BAFEL franchisees, helping them set up and manage their centers, providing training, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational support. Their dedication ensures the success and growth of BAFEL’s franchise network.


Technology and Innovation Team: This group focuses on integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods into BAFEL’s programs and services. Their work helps keep BAFEL at the forefront of the education and training industry, offering students and professionals an enhanced learning experience.


Quality Assurance and Compliance: The quality assurance and compliance team monitors and maintains the high standards of BAFEL’s programs and services. They ensure that the institution adheres to all relevant regulations and guidelines, guaranteeing the best possible education and training for students and professionals.

Conclusion: The combined efforts, passion, and dedication of these teams and countless other individuals working behind the scenes have made BAFEL a highly successful institution in the education and training sector in India. Together, they have built and continue to grow an institution that is synonymous with excellence and quality in education and training.